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NutralifePet SAMe 100mg
30 Enteric Coated Tablets
<b>NutralifePet SAMe 100mg</b> <br>30 Enteric Coated Tablets<br>
NutralifePet SAMe 100mg
30 Enteric Coated Tablets
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Product Description

NutalifePet SAMe is clinically shown to maintain:

  • Mood & Emotional Well Being
  • Healthy Liver Function
  • Joint Health & Joint Comfort and Mobility


How should I dispense SAMe to my pet?

Always follow instructions provided by your veterinarian.

Recommended Dosage:
Dispense 10mg of SAMe for every pound of body weight.

(Pet in pounds x 10 = milligrams SAMe per day)

Note: You may use any combination of tablets to achieve the most accurate dose.

Example: Pet weight: 25 lbs. x 10 = 250mg SAMe per day. You may dispense one 200mg tablet and one 50mg tablet to achieve a total dose of 250mg.

Instructions: For maximum absorption, SAMe should be given on an empty stomach. (Optimal times are first thing in the morning, one hour before a meal, or three hours after a meal.) Do not break the tablets. If swallowing is a concern, pet owners may conceal the tablet in small pieces of moist food.
Trouble swallowing may cause throat irritation in pets. Therefore, give your pet water after administering SAMe tablets to help your pet swallow.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.