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SAM-e Dosage

SAM-e Dosage

How and When To Take SAM-e

SAM-e tablets and capsules should be taken orally (i.e., swallowed). It is best taken on an empty stomach, with a full glass of water, and not with antacids. The product works best when taken 30 minutes before a meal, or if needed, an hour afterwards. Many people have found optimal results while taking SAM-e tablets a half hour before breakfast. If taking the tablets on an empty stomach causes discomfort then the tablets can be taken with a light snack. This may cause a minor decrease in the effectiveness of the product. SAM-e dosages can be taken all at once or split up throughout the day.

Recommended SAM-e Dosage

The optimal dosage for achieving maximum SAM-e benefits does vary from individual to individual. It is advisable to start SAM-e at a lower dosage and slowly increase the milligrams of the daily supplements until the desired results are achieved. It is recommended to start with a daily dose of 400mg for the first week. In the second week, the daily dosage can be increased to 800mg, by taking a 400mg dose twice daily. In subsequent weeks you can, if needed, safely increase your SAM-e intake to as much as 1600mg, by taking 400mg tablets up to four times a day. After using the product for 1 to 2 months with successful results, you may be able to decrease your SAM-e dosage to maintenance levels of 400mg to 800mg daily.

When Do I Know That The SAM-e Dosage Is Right?

SAM-e generally takes 7-14 days to take effect. After that time period if SAM-e is supporting your emotional health and enhancing your mood balance and/or bringing you the osteoarthritis relief or liver support you seek, then you have likely reached the dosage that works for you. If SAM-e is causing negative side effects, then it is very likely that your dosage is too high. In this case you may want to experiment with lower dosages. Best SAM-e pills are enteric coated. They are meant to be absorbed in the intestines. These pills should not be cut in half, as this will leave SAM-e exposed to the upper GI. When seeking to lower your dosage you may want to use 200mg tablets instead of 400mg tablets.

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